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GCA News July 2015

My heartfelt appreciation for the large turnout of residents at the GCA’s June 2 annual meeting. We held the annual board elections with the highly able assistance of my predecessor Emerson Cale. He continues to be a huge help to me as I continue to get a grip on the still confusing GCA parliamentary processes and bylaws. I’m excited to welcome new district reps Chris Howland (district 3A) and Brian Jarvis (district
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GCA News June 2015

Welcome to Greenbriar in full bloom! Alas, if not for the outrageous amount of pollen triggering my allergies, I’d be a happy camper. What I see beyond that, however, is a community that’s dived into spring with a vengeance. Overall, properties look fantastic. The vast majority of residents are regularly mowing, trimming and edging their lawns. Hopefully, my constant carping about respect for each other’s property is
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GCA News May 2015

Spring kicks off a very busy period for GCA and me, in particular, in regards to both new initiatives and ones in progress. I feel confident that what is in the works will bring true benefits to the Greenbriar community. First, I am thankful to those who have “stepped up” in response to my recent pleas for help to address critical needs and plug holes in our volunteer base. These include new block captains, GCA board
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GCA News April 2015

Needless to say, I was slightly off in last month’s column on my prediction for the onset of the spring season. I hope everyone got through the onslaught with minimum damage to health and property. I found the many stories related on the Greenbriar neighborhood Facebook page of residents going out of their way to help neighbors dig out of their unfortunate situations encouraging. These are classic examples of what th
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