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GCA News December 2015

A heartfelt thanks and holiday best wishes to all who have worked tirelessly over the past year to contribute to the Greenbriar community. There are too many people to mention without omitting some deserving individuals. If you’ve been reading my column regularly or have worked with me, you know I have hinged my personal success as GCA President on the success, and follow through, of those who have been willing to “s
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GCA News November 2015

It’s a typically glorious fall day in Greenbriar as I write this column. We are fortunate to have escaped the tragedies, both weather-related and otherwise, that seem to have occurred nationally since last month. Let’s cross our fingers that we also escape the full wrath of the last two winters. Along with many responsibilities, my time has been consumed by the attempt to close out a successful 2015 membership drive.
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GCA News October 2015

“Neurosis is the inability to accept ambiguity” — Bob Weir, The Grateful Dead. After having read this recently, I feel it perfectly captures my state of mind as I’m writing this column. I have a tendency to let my natural intensity overwhelm me during periods of uncertainty. I thrive on working within an environment where things are clear and I have reasonable control of the situation. The current GCA membership driv
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GCA News August 2015

As I write this month’s column, my thoughts are of the Greenbriar residents who suffered damages and major inconvenience as a result of last month’s vicious and seemingly unrelenting weather conditions. It seems that every season we have to deal with increased volatility, whether through ice, rain, wind or snow. It is reassuring to see that residents continue to band together to help each other out through whatever i
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