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GCA News June 2016

My submission of this column seems to be at the height of the monsoon season in the area. Amazingly, residents have managed to keep their lawns in reasonable condition given the extreme circumstances. I’m sure, as is inevitable over the years, we’ll be complaining of the endless drought come middle to late summer. All you can do is prepare for the worst and hope it gets better soon. It’s been a busy spring for GCA wi
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GCA News May 2016

Ah, it is a refreshing time of year, indeed, to live in the Greenbriar community. Lushness abounds … unfortunately, in tandem with tree pollen and, seemingly, never-ending weed proliferation. Just hang in there and try to enjoy it. Not much time for pleasantries this issue, given the amount of activity over the last month that I need to convey. In Memoriam I was deeply saddened to learn of the recent passing of Helen
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GCA News April 2016

As I near the end of my third and final year as GCA president, I look back on where we started and where we’re at in achieving the goals I set forth when taking over the reins from my predecessor, Emerson Cale. I knew I had a tough act to follow given Emerson’s longevity and record of achievement in the community. I feel proud that, as I stated when I began, “the wheels have not fallen off.” In fact, we have achieved
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GCA News March 2016

It goes without saying that I was somewhat off in my last column on the prospect for a continued mild winter. Greenbriar took a big hit from the January snowstorm. Proudly, we did not succumb to what turned out to be a historic weather event. The plows took over immediately, whether VDOT’s subcontractors or a volunteer’s truck with a blade. Neighbors chipped in to help each other out in whatever way they could. Botto
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