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GCA News November 2016

Oh, so many things to be thankful about in November. Are you into turkey with all the fixings? Is it all about family and friends? Are you lucky enough to get four days off around the fourth Thursday? Black Friday … Cyber Monday … I really like Cyber Monday! November is a good time to go on vacation before the really bad weather arrives. A week before Thanksgiving, we will start a new post on www.greenbri
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GCA News October 2016

Hello neighbors, As much as I love Greenbriar in summer with all the neighbors’ butterfly bushes and crepe myrtles in bloom, fall in our community is lovely, too. And then there is the best part of the season — Halloween! It’s a lot of fun to see the monsters, superheroes and all the other great costumes. But as anyone who has lived in the neighborhood for a while can attest, there is no way to predict how many trick
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GCA News August 2016

Hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of Greenbriar in the summer. While you are out and about taking in the lovely landscapes and flourishing flowers, you might see a fox or two. Dr. Katherine Edwards, Fairfax County Police Department Wildlife Management Specialist, assures that this is to be expected and is not cause for alarm. For 2015, only about 40 rabid animals were identified in all of Fairfax County; none of t
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GCA News July 2016

I am excited by the election of Becky Gotwalt to succeed me as the new president of the GCA for the coming year. She becomes the first female president of the Greenbriar community since 1992. Her husband, Brandon, is the district 1A representative on the GCA board. I can assure the community that you will be led by a fully committed, highly energetic and technically savvy individual who will take the community to the
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