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GCA News March 2017

Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time I’m writing this article, better weather is on its way, and we’ll be taking neighborhood strolls and spending time in the parks again soon. The Fairfax County Park Authority has provided Greenbriar Commons Park with a new sign pointing out some regulations that make for a fun and safer park experience for all. And it answers the question once and for all — yes, the park
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GCA News February 2017

Did you know that our beloved Greenbriar and the GCA will soon be turning 50? Sounds like a good excuse to bump up community events and parties. We have been kicking around a few ideas: enrichment events like CPR and yoga classes, themed parties at the Cale Community Center, even a car show! The GCA is looking for more ideas, lots of community interest, and plenty of volunteers to help make it all happen. It would be
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GCA News December 2016

December and January are full of opportunities for celebrations and parties, including some festive fun at the Cale Community Center. Come out on December 13 to meet new neighbors, see old friends, share some cookies and tell Santa how good the residents of Greenbriar have been all year! Check the flyer on page 1 for all the details. And don’t forget your camera. In all the winter fun, please don’t forget to be safe.
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GCA News November 2016

Oh, so many things to be thankful about in November. Are you into turkey with all the fixings? Is it all about family and friends? Are you lucky enough to get four days off around the fourth Thursday? Black Friday … Cyber Monday … I really like Cyber Monday! November is a good time to go on vacation before the really bad weather arrives. A week before Thanksgiving, we will start a new post on www.greenbri
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