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GCA News July 2017

Hello Neighbors, I’d like to thank the 2016-2017 GCA board for a fun and productive year. I know they’ll continue to contribute to the community when their school and work schedules allow. And welcome to our 2017-2018 board! This administration combines a lot of the same faces, a blast from the past, and some super block captains who stepped up when the call for district representatives went out. (The dis
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GCA News June 2017

Hello Neighbors, Hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start and you are enjoying the beauty of Greenbriar. We have many skilled gardeners in the neighborhood; take the time to get out and see some of the lovely lawns and splendid blooms. Of course, some folks don’t have the time, temperament or ability to battle the tall grass and dandelions. Our greenbriarfairfax.nextdoor.com page has plenty of great recommendat
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GCA News May 2017

Hello Neighbors, It’s that wonderful time of year — lilacs in bloom, playoff hockey on TV, and the entire summer still before us — magical! It’s also the right time of year to report needed road and sidewalk repairs to VDOT. Call 1-800-FOR-ROAD or use the site my.vdot.virginia.gov for service. This and other helpful information will be available on greenbriarfairfax.nextdoor.com. Search for a post named “Community Li
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GCA News April 2017

We are definitely letting the good times roll in Greenbriar! On Fat Tuesday, the GCA threw a Mardi Gras party at the Cale Community Center complete with beads, masks and amazing food and drinks. Neighbors who had never even been to the center before came out, so we saw some new faces and old friends. Before the night was over, we were already planning our next party! One of our revelers brought doughnuts, explaining
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