GCA News November 2017

Hello Neighbors,

Okay, so how about that car show? The vehicles, the raffles, the food and the huge turnout all combined to make one amazing event. Our GCA-chartered Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts were an instrumental part of the show’s success. Their energy and commitment made the day run smoothly. The Scouts marshaled the cars, recommended lashing the DJ’s tent down due to unexpected, wild winds, and had a ton of fun. The cornhole games and football tossing made the participants feel welcome and comfortable. The troops offered baked goods and popcorn for a donation, which made for a successful fundraiser.

Now, I knew I was responsible for the President’s Pick trophy. I thought, how hard could that be? I walked around taking in all the cool cars, trucks and motorcycles, making notes along the way. I got back to the GCA table to review what I had written down. I had nine favorites. Nine! I hemmed and hawed, agonized, crossed off the cars that belonged to best friends or relatives, and finally picked the 1969 Pro Street Chevy Nova out of the sea of gems.

If you want to see what made my decision so hard, search “car show” on Nextdoor Greenbriar to find more of the recap and a link to the great pictures posted to Flickr by Karl Schwarz. So many beauties!

And this was just the first year!

Now that the membership drive rush is over, it’s a great time to talk to your district representatives, other block captains or me and find out how you can support your community and meet some really great neighbors by joining us.

It would be wonderful to have a few more block captains who speak more than one language. The GCA could use your help translating some of our documents and materials into several languages, and we will need help kicking off and running some fun programs and opportunities in the future.

How about an International Day event — a celebration to showcase all the beautiful cultures represented in Greenbriar? We’d focus on food, because … what brings people together better than food? Throw in some dance and some music and we have a party! If you have family recipes or traditions that you would like to share with your neighbors, contact your district representative or me. When we get enough interest and involvement, we’ll put it on the calendar. Greenbriar has grown and changed in her 50 years, and we should celebrate every bit of it.

The improvements and good times will keep rolling along as long as we have support. If for some reason you still haven’t paid your 2017-2018 GCA membership dues, put down the paper and go to egreenbriar.org/membership now! Then come back and finish reading, of course.

I can’t thank the GCA board, the block captains, our partner clubs, friends at the Greenbriar Town Center, and all the other great folks that make it possible to enjoy our wonderful neighborhood — with events like the GCA Antique/Classic/Exotic Car & Motorcycle Show, concerts in the park, yoga sessions, trivia nights and so much more — enough. It does take a village.

We generally hold our GCA board meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. For November, it is being moved to the second Tuesday, the 14th, so as not to conflict with Election Day. If you are heading to Greenbriar East/Precinct 846 on November 7 to cast your vote for Virginia’s governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and representative for the House of Delegates, I’ll see you there!


Rebecca Gotwalt

President, Greenbriar Civic Association