GCA News November 2016

Oh, so many things to be thankful about in November. Are you into turkey with all the fixings? Is it all about family and friends? Are you lucky enough to get four days off around the fourth Thursday? Black Friday … Cyber Monday … I really like Cyber Monday! November is a good time to go on vacation before the really bad weather arrives.

A week before Thanksgiving, we will start a new post on www.greenbriarfairfax.nextdoor. com named “Turkey Day,” where I hope neighbors will add what they are thankful for, add their traditions, share their untraditional traditions and talk turkey! Roast turkey, smoked turkey, turducken … just be extra safe if you are attempting deep-fried turkey.

Speaking of greenbriarfairfax.nextdoor.com, we are doing a great job populating the site with local tips. If you need new windows, a roof, a plumbing repair, just type it in the search bar and see what other community members have recommended.

Jane, loyal reader of the Greenbriar Flyer and engaged resident, you can call me and I’ll look it up for you.

The Cale Community Center received a present! Mary Jane Hasselkus, president of GFWC Western Fairfax County Woman’s Club, presented an American flag to the GCA at the October meeting. The flag will be permanently housed in our community center. The gift was met with a round of applause. Thank you, WFCWC!

The community could still use more block captains. Now that the membership drive rush is over, it’s a great time to talk to your district representatives, other block captains or me and and out how you can support your community and meet some really great neighbors.

It would be wonderful to have a few more block captains who speak more than one language. The GCA could use your help translating some of our documents and materials into several languages, and we will need help kicking off and running some fun programs and opportunities in the future.

Vote! Vote! Vote! See you at the polls on November 8.

Rebecca Gotwalt
President, Greenbriar Civic Association


Those who can, do.
Those who can do more, volunteer!