GCA News November 2015

It’s a typically glorious fall day in Greenbriar as I write this column. We are fortunate to have escaped the tragedies, both weather-related and otherwise, that seem to have occurred nationally since last month. Let’s cross our fingers that we also escape the full wrath of the last two winters. Along with many responsibilities, my time has been consumed by the attempt to close out a successful 2015 membership drive. Hopefully, no one saw my comments last month as being directed to anyone in particular. I’m proud of the efforts of the resident volunteer base who have contributed their time on this to the community. We have issues that I made clear, and I will move on. If you notice, I have been very involved with the neighborhood Facebook page and the Next Door Greenbriar Web site. I monitor daily “the pulse” of the community by those who use both vehicles to communicate. Hopefully, my responses have been a help to those with issues or concerns that the GCA can get involved in to resolve.

GCA Board

The new district reps on the GCA board have been extremely active in presenting new ideas that we hope will continue to add value to your GCA membership. However, please remember that beyond whatever service or activity a resident uses, GCA acts as the actual “infrastructure” of the community … the local government of our “town within a town.” All local communities have either a civic association or a homeowner’s association (HOA). Both operate in the sense that they rely on the resident base to provide a flow of revenue necessary to run the organization. We have a budget for planned and contingent needs that varies from year to year based on a host of factors. We have vendors that need to be paid for services, such as landscaping, maintenance of the Cale Community Center, etc. To some degree, you have a say in our planning based on feedback to the board, input via the egreenbriar.org Web site, attendance at the monthly board meeting, and feedback to your block captain or district rep. You tell us what you want … as opposed to the HOA mandating your property rights. All we ask for this support is the yearly $25 fee, versus the oftenonerous, mandatory monthly HOA fees. However, to best take advantage of all this, you need to get involved!

Greenbriar Flyer

The biggest mystery to me is why any Greenbriar resident would not faithfully read our community newspaper — not a newsletter — that is graciously mailed to you 10 times a year. The Greenbriar Flyer is the major vehicle we use to communicate the truly vital information of what’s going on in the community — the membership drives, last year’s park pavilion vote, traffic-calming initiatives, etc. If you are caught by surprise or uninformed by a recent development in the community, you only have yourself to blame by not reading the Flyer. Do you know that all non-business classified ads are free to Greenbriar residents? The Flyer occasionally publishes county code info, along with a host of other vital info that you should keep as a reference. Please don’t use the excuse that you don’t read the Flyer and then claim that you are kept “out of the loop.”


As of the date of my column, the processes are underway to install the replacement sidewalk at Greenbriar Commons Park (mid-October) and the traffic-calming devices on Middle Ridge Drive (a November timeframe). I’ve also posted a letter from the key contact concerning the controversial deer-culling program in Rocky Run Stream to the neighborhood Facebook page and Next Door Greenbriar. In the letter, it states specifically that, “notification has not routinely included sending notification to Civic Associations and HOA’s in the past, although this is something we will work to include in future planning efforts. We have presented information to community groups when requested, but this is typically after concerns have been identified in the community.” Also, the program can be revisited each year based on residents’ wishes.

Bottom line to me is involvement. Attend the GCA board meetings. Call me directly. Communicate with your block captain or district rep.

Have a great holiday season!

Vince Krevinas is the current GCA President