GCA News March 2017

Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time I’m writing this article, better weather is on its way, and we’ll be taking neighborhood strolls and spending time in the parks again soon. The Fairfax County Park Authority has provided Greenbriar Commons Park with a new sign pointing out some regulations that make for a fun and safer park experience for all. And it answers the question once and for all — yes, the park closes at dark.

Noise Complaints. Reports of loud noise are coming in to the GCA board. Almost none of the complaints are between the county’s enforced noise ordinance hours of 10 p.m. (11 p.m. on weekends) to 7 a.m., so that’s a good thing. But there are barking dogs and jammin’ car stereos disturbing the quiet after neighbors have put their kids to bed for the night.

Being aware is part of being a good community member. You see your pup as the most adorable thing ever … the folks walking by your house think you are harboring Cujo. Of course, dogs are going to bark, and sometimes that song is just too good to turn down. But if we don’t make a regular habit of disturbing the peace, maybe the neighbors won’t call the cops the rst time we do happen to make noise at 10:01 p.m.!

AAA/Republic Discount. For anyone who is interested, we still have one more year left on our discounted price contract with Republic Services for trash and recycling pickup. The standard discount price for Greenbriar residents is $78.50 per quarter; for seniors (age 65 and over), the price is $69.50 per quarter. Call 703-818- 8222 and let them know you are with the Greenbriar Civic Association to get in on the deal. We are working on getting the contract extended beyond 2018.

And now for the fun stuff:

Citizen-of-the-Year. Check page 4 of the Flyer for the nomination form. The hard part is picking just one person to nominate. So many of our residents give of themselves to neighbors, to the neighborhood, to the county and beyond. We are taking nominations until May 10. We will present our laudable neighbor with the Greenbriar Citizen-of-the-Year Award at the GCA’s annual meeting on June 6.

GCA Scholarship. See page 20 of the Flyer for the application. We are accepting scholarship applications until May 22 and presenting the award to our deserving student at our June 6 annual meeting. Last year, we had some amazing young people apply. Can’t wait to see what our second annual GCA scholarship brings.

Greenbriar’s/GCA’s 50th Anniversaries. The ideas are pouring in from the community. Parties, dances and potlucks are shaping up. Keep the ideas coming and let the GCA know how you would like to get involved. Stay tuned for details and check www.greenbriarfairfax.nextdoor.com often.

Fairfax County’s Anniversary. Did you know Fairfax County is also celebrating an anniversary this year? Our county is turning 275 and will be celebrating on June 17 in the area surrounding the courthouse at 4000 Chain Bridge Road in central Fairfax. See www.fxva.com/275 for all the details.

Rebecca Gotwalt
President, Greenbriar Civic Association


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