GCA News March 2016

It goes without saying that I was somewhat off in my last column on the prospect for a continued mild winter. Greenbriar took a big hit from the January snowstorm. Proudly, we did not succumb to what turned out to be a historic weather event. The plows took over immediately, whether VDOT’s subcontractors or a volunteer’s truck with a blade. Neighbors chipped in to help each other out in whatever way they could. Bottom line, at least as far as I’m aware, no one was hurt and no one lost power. The caring, cooperation and willingness to pitch in among Greenbriar residents was consistently amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who, in their own way, helped Greenbriar get back to normal. What would we do without snow blowers and the willingness of owners to share it with their neighbors? And what a blessing to have the mild temperatures after the storm to create the “big melt.”

Majestic Lane Repairs

A top priority of mine is to see to the repaving of, especially, the north end of Majestic Lane. The condition is horrendous with multiple sloppily filled potholes and an actual crevice that runs hundreds of yards parallel to the center line. It is a main entrance that has become a blight to our community. I have a service request into VDOT for them to revisit the road with an urgent request for repairs. I also contacted the office of Delegate Jim Lemunyon to press VDOT on a resolution of this matter. Their feedback to me was, “We have asked VDOT to consider adding Majestic Lane to their 2016 paving schedule. They will finalize their 2016 schedule sometime in mid-March.”Kudos to Tricia Jarrell, a concerned resident on this matter, who has also reached out to Mr. Lemunyon for help on this necessary work. I do realize other Greenbriar streets have their own pothole/rut issues, but for now, Majestic Lane should be our main focus.

Melville Lane Speeding

A resident on the west end of Melville Lane that does not have a concentration of trafficcalming devices contacted me recently. This is the area that runs from Mount Royal Lane past Middle Ridge Drive to where the traffic-calming devices are situated. The road runs downhill in that area and is where most of the perceived speeding still occurs. She asked for increased police presence in that area in the hope of influencing drivers to slow down. I contacted Officer Twombley of the Fair Oaks Police Station who, in an email follow-up, stated “I’ll advise the traffic officers. I can also put out some ‘slow down’ signs at some point.” Incidentally, I am very aware of (and I have commented on the Greenbriar neighborhood Facebook page) the concerns of residents who feel that the current trafficcalming devices are not adequately slowing down traffic on Middle Ridge Drive, etc. I disagree from my perspective of having one directly in front of my home. I notice the “overall” difference in my area. Do all cars slow down to or near the speed limit? Wishful thinking that all will do so. It has also seemed to cut down on the volume of weekend cut-through traffic.

GCA Scholarship

Notice the application for this great community benefit on page 8. Don’t ignore this opportunity for a GCA member or a resident child of a GCA member who best deserves this attractive financial help.

Greenbriar Citizen of the Year

Please also note the nomination form for the 2016 Citizen of the Year on page 17. Please nominate anyone you feel has made a positive impact on the community or in your own area of the neighborhood. I know there are many people in Greenbriar who deserve recognition for the contributions they make to our community. It is up to you to bring them to our attention. Nominations will close on May 10, and we will present the award at our June 7 annual meeting.

Greenbriar Flyer Historical Record

Past GCA president Emerson Cale began an initiative back in 2008 to create a digital record of the Flyer for posterity. Emerson asked me to act on this more than a year ago, and the microfiche records of the Flyer have been distributed among various entities. I have since made all the necessary contacts with key individuals involved in proceeding with this initiative. As of this writing, it is still too early to give a hard estimate of the overall cost or to know whether it will be done centrally through the library or through a vendor the library uses for this purpose. We will need to consider a number of factors before making a decision on the ultimate approach and budget for this worthy effort.

GCA “Value Added” Initiatives

During our February board meeting, we discussed ideas to create more perceived value to GCA membership. I read occasional input from residents’ suggestions in this area on the Facebook pages. What I want and need is for residents to show up at our board meetings to have an open discussion. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet your board! We meet at 7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at the Cale Community Center.

Fairfax County Community and Neighborhood Leaders Conference

I, among others, have been invited to this second annual meeting at Falls Church High School on March 5, 2016. This will be a great opportunity to network with other community and county leaders to discuss issues of mutual concern. I hope to bring back ideas that could be useful to our community’s current and future needs.

I look forward to seeing everyone around the neighborhood … hopefully, not knee deep in snow and ice.

Vince Krevinas is the current GCA President