GCA News June 2016

My submission of this column seems to be at the height of the monsoon season in the area. Amazingly, residents have managed to keep their lawns in reasonable condition given the extreme circumstances. I’m sure, as is inevitable over the years, we’ll be complaining of the endless drought come middle to late summer. All you can do is prepare for the worst and hope it gets better soon. It’s been a busy spring for GCA with the following updates:

Middle Ridge Drive Repaving/Bike Lanes

The Bicycle Program Coordinator with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation and a representative of VDOT addressed the GCA board at the May meeting to propose installing bike lanes on Middle Ridge Drive in conjunction with the repaving of the road. VDOT has approved repaving the entire length of the road as part of the spring repaving schedule. The county feels it would be most cost effective and efficient to add the bike lanes during the repaving process. The bike lanes would not affect the curb-parked cars or the normal flow of traffic. As mentioned earlier, the paving of Majestic Lane will be from Meadow Hill Lane to Route 50. We have no hard dates available yet on when the work will begin. However, VDOT will notify homeowners well ahead of time prior to the actual work.

Greenbriar Commons Park Improvement Update

We had a second meeting with Fairfax County Park Authority staff recently to formalize locations for the additional benches and picnic tables. In the aftermath of the meeting, FCPA made a revision, whereby one of the benches we asked to be added to the playground area must meet ADA requirements. A financial benefit to GCA is that FCPA has agreed to fund one of the original four requested benches and make it handicap accessible. The final steps are underway with a hoped for completion date and install sometime before winter. Kudos to FCPA for their great support of GCA in working with us to make this happen.

Vandalism in the Community

Residents of the Plaza Lane area expressed concerns about vandalism near the pedestrian pathway to the rear of the shopping center by Total Wine. The “marking” or “tagging” of fences, or any property for that matter, will not be tolerated and violators are subject to full enforcement of the law. In the aftermath of the recent incidents, residents banded together to identify the culprits and come up with meaningful approaches to address this conduct. They cleaned up the graffiti, and they are considering installing motion-sensor lights to shine on the walkway area. Please report incidents of this kind immediately to both the Fair Oaks police station and to the GCA.

Plaza Lane Access Update

Shopping center management notified me via email on April 29 that they “don’t have any updates as to our plans. This time of year is extremely busy trying to get the shopping centers in better shape from the winter season. Once it winds down a bit in a few weeks, I will revisit with my manager and get some real ideas down as to what we can do.” GCA will keep in touch to see that this necessary improvement does happen.

Clarification on Use of Storage Pods

During the typically heavy spring and summer seasons, many homeowners in the process of buying or selling a home will rent a temporary portable storage container (also known as a “pod”) for their possessions. It’s important to understand a few key points prior to renting a storage pod. First, you cannot “park” a pod on a state-maintained road. VDOT enforces this regulation, which applies to most major roads, such as Middle Ridge Drive in the Greenbriar community. Homeowners must place the pods on their property, and the pods must not obstruct the street, a sidewalk or a trail. According to Fairfax County code compliance, pods may be used only for 30 consecutive days over a six-month period on residential lots of less than 36,000 square feet. Extended placement may be allowed in the event of a major calamity, such as a house fire, plumbing breakdown, etc., but the homeowner must obtain a Temporary Special Permit. Exceptions are also made for a home on a lot with more than 36,000 square feet. Check with Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-324-1300 prior to ordering a storage pod or download a copy of the regulations at www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpz/zoning/portablestoragebrochure.pdf.

Upon the outcome of the June 7 elections, GCA will be transitioning to a new leadership. I will have my final thoughts in the next edition of the Flyer. I am proud and honored to have served and contributed to the betterment of the Greenbriar community.

Vince Krevinas is the current GCA President