GCA News July 2016

I am excited by the election of Becky Gotwalt to succeed me as the new president of the GCA for the coming year. She becomes the first female president of the Greenbriar community since 1992. Her husband, Brandon, is the district 1A representative on the GCA board. I can assure the community that you will be led by a fully committed, highly energetic and technically savvy individual who will take the community to the “next level.” It’s important that you fully
support her as she transitions into this highly demanding role.

My heartfelt thanks to all within the community who have supported my efforts over the last three years. And, of course, my thanks to the GCA board members who have been a pleasure to collaborate with in coming up with ideas for programs and activities that continue to make Greenbriar the highly respected community it is. We remain stable, relatively crime free and prosperous. Our relationship with the county is strong at all levels, with many benefits to residents evident through the county’s support of our efforts. I will continue to serve on the board as past president for the next year and will still be very involved with the community.

My goals and objectives were high but attainable with my philosophy, as stated by Michelangelo, “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

Vince Krevinas
Immediate Past President
703-818-1225 (Home)
703-268-8081 (Cell)

Hello neighbors,

I am thrilled to assume the Greenbriar Civic Association presidency and to serve the amazing residents of Greenbriar. Due to the efforts of everyone around me and of those who came before, I am able to take up the presidency of one of the most successful civic associations anywhere. It will be my pleasure and true joy to work with the finest community I have ever been part of.

To keep our neighborhood strong, alert, informed and connected, I urge anyone who hasn’t yet done so to join Nextdoor Greenbriar Fairfax at https://nextdoor.com. It is a great resource to share information and ask questions. And you can find your GCA board and officers on Nextdoor, too. A couple things I like best about Nextdoor also shows what is best about Greenbriar. “Curb Alert!” has kept all kinds of household items out of the landfill and has given them a second life with a neighbor. Furniture, toys, food all go up on the page with an address, and they’re free for the taking. How cool is that?

Better yet, I love watching the community jump into action when there is a post about a missing pet. If kitty sneaks out of the house or the pup goes under the fence, post details to Nextdoor Greenbriar Fairfax and see how fast the reports come rolling in. It really shows the character of Greenbriar, how we take care of and look out for our furry friends. And you can see it happening (almost) in real time if you join us on Nextdoor.

The GCA Scholarship Committee reviewed applications from teens and young adults of GCA members, and the future looks bright! Our winner, Jieru Shi, is already very accomplished and has an amazing future to look forward to. We can’t congratulate her enough on her outstanding efforts. All of our applicants are well rounded, and they know the value of education and the meaning of giving back. And each has been engaged with the Greenbriar community. We will be lucky if some of these keen minds come back to work in the area and live in Greenbriar after their schooling.

It’s almost time for our block captain appreciation party/membership drive kickoff/resident relations event. The GCA will recognize the important work of our block captains with food and fun at the Cale Community Center on Sunday, July 31, from 2-4 p.m.

If you are not currently a block captain but think you might be interested in pitching in, come out and meet these heroes, the front line of action in Greenbriar. In addition to block captains, your district representatives and other GCA board members and officers will be on hand to answer questions and hear your community ideas.

There are always opportunities to help and interact. Maybe you could assist a block captain with a heavy load or sub in if your block captain is sick or out of town. Maybe you see yourself as a resource to a neighbor in need by walking the dog of a resident with a broken leg or mowing the grass of a member who has taken ill. Whatever it may be, Greenbriar is a community that takes care of each other. Let us know how you can help!

Rebecca Gotwalt
Greenbriar Civic Association

Vince Krevinas is the current GCA President