GCA News February 2016

I truly enjoyed meeting many residents at the GCA Christmas party at the Cale Community Center in December. It was a joyous holiday season that, fortunately, was devoid of snow and ice. Hopefully, our luck will hold and we can keep the snow shovels in our garages. It is now time to concentrate on other matters moving ahead. My time during the holiday season was consumed by trying to bring in a successful 2015-16 member drive, among other end-of-year matters.

GCA 2015-16 Membership Drive

The total number of members realized from the drive was 1,149. This represents about 60% of Greenbriar resident homes. This is a drop off from last year’s drive of 1,222 members (63%). What was of concern to me was that 214 paid members from last year’s drive elected not to renew. I have various theories, which I am still sorting out, as to why this happened. My heartfelt thanks to those who volunteered to bring the drive in and those who renewed their membership. I know how hard GCA worked over the past year to gain that support. Of particular help to me was Chuck Carter of Majestic Lane who did a spectacular job in managing our member database. We commend him for a truly first-rate effort!

Pest Control Service Resident Discount

GCA recently moved our business to Alterra for pest control services at the community center. Alterra is an established company that offers a “greener” solution to pest control needs at a reasonable rate. Through the efforts of Jacqueline Marquez-Downie, GCA treasurer, a rate was negotiated that can be passed along to interested Greenbriar residents. The initial service is $39. Thereafter, the quarterly rate is $85 (normally $109). If interested, call 703-803-7378 and mention “sell with Jax” to realize the discount. The website for further information is alterrapest.com.

Board Meeting Ideas. At our most recent board meeting, I solicited ideas from our district reps for building additional “value added” into GCA membership moving into the New Year. Some of the ideas included working with the Greenbriar Town Center businesses to offer discounts to GCA members; having an annual “Community Day” in the park; further building up the park through additional benches, picnic tables and trees; a quarterly guest speaker program; a movie night in the park; etc. Everything is on the table for discussion and possible implementation. Budgets, among other things, are certainly a factor. Feel free to attend a board meeting or contact me directly to voice your opinion on new or better ways to serve the community.

GCA Scholarship

The members of the board involved in putting together the criteria for the $2,500 GCA scholarship for a deserving Greenbriar resident have done a great job. They have finalized the details, and the scholarship application appears on page 8 of this issue.

Traffic-calming Initiatives

At our January board meeting, a resident addressed the board with serious concerns that the recent traffic-calming speed humps installed on Middle Ridge Drive would affect the resale value of his home. He also felt that any future initiatives of this kind should be subject to some formal polling of the entire community as opposed to just the residents on or adjacent to the affected road. I explained that GCA merely “facilitates the process” for traffic-calming initiatives, which begin with an initial petition from residents that then leads into a VDOT study of whether the road qualifies for traffic calming. Ultimately, residents make the final decision on whether a given initiative will be implemented. All communities in Fairfax County operate under this system for these initiatives.

That’s all folks! See you around Greenbriar.

Vince Krevinas is the current GCA President