GCA News: February 2014

What a long, strange trip 2013 was! It was a year of immense personal growth for both me and for the Greenbriar community. As the economy continues to rebound, homeowners are seeing a real and significant increase in the value of their properties. And I am seeing the results of true commitment within the Greenbriar volunteer community: a truly legitimate and ever-growing Web site, an increased focus on GCA membership, and a strong outreach to a gradually expanding volunteer base. New initiatives are in development to continue to build value to residents. Feedback from residents continues to be overwhelmingly positive based on my overall interaction with the community. Isolated incidents of vandalism have not developed into patterns that should concern anyone about the overall safety and security of the community. Being that much more comfortable in my responsibilities, I look forward to 2014 to pick up and finish much of the work begun in 2013. I cannot thank everyone enough for all your help and patience working with me over the past year.


If you haven’t already, log on to our newly revamped and expanding community Web site to see the great strides made over the past six months. We heartily commend the volunteer techies involved in making this happen. The team working on the site will present a more formal update in a future issue. Feel free to contact the GCA with your thoughts and ideas on the site.

GCA 2013 Membership Drive

The 2013-2014 Greenbriar Directory is in production and will be in your possession prior to receipt of this issue. The drive started and finished later this year due to a host of factors. I think, however, you will be impressed by the end product. The number of 2013 dues-paying members was 1,175, which is approximately 61 percent of Greenbriar homes. For next year’s drive, my goal is to settle for nothing less than 70 percent of homes. We need increased membership and participation in GCA to continue to build added value to the community. GCA will also seek to develop a deeper understanding of what truly constitutes “value” to GCA members.

Street Light Issues

I get calls from residents on the process for dealing with street light outages. I am always happy to help a resident with this. However, all that is involved is a call to Dominion Virginia Power at 1-866-366-4357, the emergency number listed in the Greenbriar Directory. Give them the number of the affected pole and the nearest address or intersection to the pole. Dominion will issue a work order and schedule to have it fixed within a designated number of business days.

Pet Peeves

I, like all residents, have pet peeves that irritate me. Most of them are the same ones other residents relay to me. Is there any reason why a homeowner can’t pick up the free weekly community newspapers left in front of their homes and put them in their recycling bin for pickup? Some homes have weeks of papers all mushed up and, literally, ground into their sidewalks. Ugly and slippery when wet! Is there any reason not to pick up the isolated pieces of garbage left behind after the truck empties bins from your curb? Even uglier and self-defeating if you’re focusing on beautifying your property. It only takes minutes a week to clear this debris to make a big difference on your block. Please make an effort to monitor the front of your property every time you come in or go out.

Fairfax County Noise Ordinance

I have to say that Greenbriar, at least on my block, is an amazingly quiet and peaceful place to live. Short of homeowners, of necessity, running garden tools, snow blowers, etc., I feel blessed. Bear in mind that if your situation is problematic, on December 12, 2013, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors adopted a law to limit “nuisance” noise, such as loud parties and music, in residential areas. It is a temporary solution to allow police to address noise complaints while the county overhauls its ordinance. To make a complaint, call 703-691-2131. Make an effort to deal with the offending party first before involving police.

Greenbriar Commons Park Pavilion

Many of you are aware of a proposal developed by Dr. Alex Cullison to build a pavilion at Greenbriar Commons Park that will offer resident families access for picnics, etc. It will require GCA funding with a certain percentage of matching funds from Fairfax County. A major part of the process of implementation of the proposed plan will involve detailed resident feedback and support. Much more on this to come. (See photo on page 3 of the February 2014 Greenbriar Flyer.)

Time to wrap it up for this month. See you around Greenbriar!