GCA News December 2015

A heartfelt thanks and holiday best wishes to all who have worked tirelessly over the past year to contribute to the Greenbriar community. There are too many people to mention without omitting some deserving individuals. If you’ve been reading my column regularly or have worked with me, you know I have hinged my personal success as GCA President on the success, and follow through, of those who have been willing to “step up” as volunteers. However, bottom line, I hold myself fully accountable for whether or not the community perceives GCA as having been an effective and positive force for change over the past year. Rest assured we work hard with no perks, other than the satisfaction that the community truly appreciates our efforts. My biggest pleasure has been hearing from individuals who have asked for my help or input in
resolving various issues of concern to them. Various factors are at play as to what, and how much, can be done by GCA alone or through county resources.


At our recent board meeting, I was excited to meet and honor Jieru Shi, whom the GCA formally commended for her outstanding contribution to the Greenbriar community. Her efforts in creating and implementing a summer crafts program for Greenbriar children was an outstanding contribution and a great success. The program was held over a number of days in late August for the past two years. She is an outstanding young woman with a great future ahead of her. Please thank her when you see her.

Greenbriar Tree Maintenance

A resident contacted me recently about the condition of certain trees at the intersection of Middle Ridge Drive and Point Pleasant Drive. The resident was concerned that many upper limbs on the trees were dead and could result in someone being hit by a falling limb. I contacted the Fairfax County Park Authority, which investigated the situation. County representatives concluded that those trees were not the county’s responsibility given the location. However, they selected other dead trees that are on
Rocky Run Stream adjacent to the bridge for removal. One actually hung over the bridge and was in danger of falling. Thanks for the alert.

Deer Hunting Update

A key opponent of the county’s Deer Management Program in Rocky Run Stream Valley Park attended the November GCA board meeting with concerns about how the program could be “revisited,” with the goal of, hopefully, discontinuing the program next season. In an e-mail follow-up to me, Dr. Katherine Edwards, the key contact for the program, stated, “If there are concerns in the community over the Deer Management Program, I would encourage residents to specify in writing the reasons why the program is not supported to either my office or their District Supervisor.” You may submit your views to Katherine Edwards, Ph.D., Wildlife Management Specialist, Fairfax County Police Department, 4500 West Ox Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 or to katherine.edwards@fairfaxcounty.gov.

Traffic Pattern Revision

A longtime resident contacted me with concerns about the new configuration at the traffic light at Stringfellow Road when heading west on Poplar Tree Road. He pointed out that the right lane on Poplar Tree Road was right turn only, with the left lane reserved for traffic going left and straight, for more than 30 years. With the recent widening of Stringfellow Road, VDOT reconfigured the intersection, and cars in the left lane on Poplar Tree can now only turn left. Cars in the right lane can go straight or right. One car going straight in the right lane now regularly backs up traffic on Poplar Tree at peak periods. I have a work order in with VDOT to revisit this highly inefficient arrangement.

Emergency Management

A new resident asked about Greenbriar’s approach to emergency management. We don’t have a formal, detailed community policy, mainly because of the excellent resources available on the Fairfax County government Web site. I recommend going to fairfaxcounty.gov/oem to access highly detailed info on resources for virtually all emergency situations. The information is also available on a compact disc, which you can order by contacting Supervisor Herrity’s office.

Membership Drive

Last but not least, GCA is trying to close out the annual membership drive. Directories should be in production during the early holiday season with distribution to members shortly thereafter. Dues submitted prior to the final proofing of our member database will be credited for this year’s drive. However, once the directory is in production, any dues received will be credited to the 2016 drive. We do our best to complete the drive in a timely manner yet reach our necessary revenue goal. Your support is vital and appreciated.

Enjoy the holidays! I’m a firm believer in having “too much fun.” See you around!

Vince Krevinas is the current GCA President