GCA News August 2016

Hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of Greenbriar in the summer. While you are out and about taking in the lovely landscapes and flourishing flowers, you might see a fox or two.

Dr. Katherine Edwards, Fairfax County Police Department Wildlife Management Specialist, assures that this is to be expected and is not cause for alarm. For 2015, only about 40 rabid animals were identified in all of Fairfax County; none of them were foxes.

It is currently fox kit rearing season, and the adults are on the move, busy supporting their families. Any time now, the kits will leave the den with their parents and begin their foxy lessons.
With all the construction around us, roads changing and widening, our quaint, quiet and lush neighborhood appeals to wildlife as much as it does to us. But they don’t need to take over our yards.

Foxes are shy and wary of people, unless we let them get used to us. Resist the urge to feed them—especially the adorable little baby foxes! If they grow up in regular contact with people, they lose their natural fear of humans.

Dr. Edwards also extended Greenbriar the courtesy of alerting the GCA that Rocky Run Stream Valley will be participating in the Deer Management archery program from September 10, 2016, through February 25, 2017. County staff will be sending letters to the residents whose properties border the park. I will post more of Dr. Edwards’ comments and links about foxes and deer on greenbriarfairfax.nextdoor.com.

Bike Lanes on Middle Ridge Drive

During its July 5 meeting, the GCA board voted to rescind the dual bike lane action from the May 3 meeting. A number of problems and concerns were brought to light by the board and the community. I am attempting to keep a dialog open with the Fairfax County Bicycle Program Manager.

Voter Registration

Check your voter registration and precinct location at vote.elections.virginia.gov and check the next edition of the Flyer and greenbriarfairfax.nextdoor.com for tips to make your election
participation as painless as possible.

Membership Drive

The 2016-2017 GCA membership drive will run from August 1 through September 30. Expect a visit from your block captain, who will share what’s new for this year and ask you to join or renew your membership in the best civic association around!

Rebecca Gotwalt
President, Greenbriar Civic Association
Those who can, do.
Those who can do more, volunteer!