GCA News August 2015

As I write this month’s column, my thoughts are of the Greenbriar residents who suffered damages and major inconvenience as a result of last month’s vicious and seemingly unrelenting weather conditions. It seems that every season we have to deal with increased volatility, whether through ice, rain, wind or snow. It is reassuring to see that residents continue to band together to help each other out through whatever it takes to recover. I commend those who stepped up to help out their neighbors. Moving forward, the new GCA board and I are concerned with successfully finishing a few long-standing initiatives.

Middle Ridge Traffic Calming

As of my column, a team of dedicated volunteers had distributed all the necessary ballots for the vote. Hopefully, we received the support we needed to move this forward. A vote to support was the best for the community. More updates on the progress as I find out more.

Greenbriar Commons Park Sidewalk Replacement

The Fairfax County Park Authority board was scheduled to review the grant application for matching funds in July. If approved, construction could begin as early as August. It would be a tremendous benefit to have the board’s financial support to make this muchneeded improvement. Again, I will provide further details when I receive them. Then, on to the next step to further beautify and improve the park setting.

Key Benefit to GCA Members

Everyone should be aware that Greenbriar is in the midst of our 2015-16 membership drive. A common question many block captains will receive, especially from new residents, is, “What’s in it for me?” Most long-time residents understand that the Greenbriar Civic Association looks out for their interests in maintaining the ultimate resale value of their homes. Our association is one of the most respected in the county due to the size and clout of our membership. A paltry voluntary fee of $25 per year versus the often-onerous monthly condo or homeowner association mandatory fees of other communities is a tremendous deal. For that, every dollar spent is geared toward wisely sponsoring and supporting activities and institutions that create the very tangible and high quality “family environment” for which Greenbriar is noted. Whether or not you have children, go to the GCA-sponsored concerts, etc., you are realizing the high quality of life standards that GCA volunteers work tirelessly to provide. Supporting GCA is supporting the overall value of the community and your property.

Cale Community Center/GCA Member Discount

Anyone who has visited the center since the Stringfellow Road project was completed will note the tremendous improvements to the parking lot and the overall facility grounds. Rental activity has picked up considerably in light of this. Please note that another great benefit of GCA membership is the dramatically lower fee for members to rent the center. The back page of last month’s Flyer offered a complete breakdown of fees. The center is a great venue to have a birthday party, hold a reunion or celebrate an anniversary at an affordable cost. Contact Chad Smillie at rentgcc@cox. net for details and availability.

Welcome to New District 1A Representative

Brandon Gotwalt has taken over my duties as district 1A representative. He had been acting as block captain for block A40. He is highly energetic, technically savvy and a solutions-oriented thinker. Please support him in his efforts effective with the current membership drive. He and his wife, Rebecca, reside on the service road on Lee Jackson Highway between Middle Ridge Drive and Majestic Lane.

Block Captains

A big challenge during every membership drive is the recruitment of block captains for all of the 159 blocks that comprise the Greenbriar community. We have a great base of volunteers who, in many cases, not only do their own block but others as well. My expectation is that all block captains will introduce themselves to each resident on their assigned block. Block captains represent your block for any issues, concerns or feedback that the GCA board needs to respond to or hear. The solicitation of member dues for the annual drive by a block captain is an extension of that function. If your block is not currently represented, please consider “stepping up” to help out. I have been a block captain for 20 years, and I enjoy meeting and keeping in touch with the residents on my block. You will, too, once you get involved. A miniscule amount of personal time is required over the course of the year, yet the work is vitally important to the success of GCA’s efforts. In effect, it all begins with the work of the block captains.

Hope to get to meet more of you this summer. Be safe, happy and involved!

Vince Krevinas is the current GCA President