GCA News April 2017

We are definitely letting the good times roll in Greenbriar! On Fat Tuesday, the GCA threw a Mardi Gras party at the Cale Community Center complete with beads, masks and amazing food and drinks. Neighbors who had never even been to the center before came out, so we saw some new faces and old friends. Before the night was over, we were already planning our next party! One of our revelers brought doughnuts, explaining that in Germany they eat doughnuts on Fat Tuesday. Of course, there is no wrong time for a doughnut, and it was fun adding a new tradition and a new food to the mix.

Then we thought, “What other traditions and family recipes are out there in Greenbriar?”

And so … we invite Greenbriar residents 21 and older to attend the Social Butterfly Butterfly Social Happy Hour and Potluck at the Cale Community Center on Friday, April 28, beginning at 7:15 p.m.

What in the world does that name mean? It means bring a dish and a story about its origin, have a drink and some fun, and we’ll decorate the community center with butterflies. Gotta have a theme, right?

If this is the hit I think it will be, then we’ll plan many more of these (just with different decorations and crazy names) and an all-ages friendly weekend afternoon potluck soon after.

Our March GCA meeting fell on the night before International Women’s Day, and the board and guests in attendance received a beautiful gift in the form of words and dance from resident Rajeswari Tress. Mrs. Tress shared the importance of women helping women and told us how she uses her Yoga skills to help improve the health of the community. She performed a dance that included symbolism for the thanks she has for the women of Greenbriar for making it a great place to live.

Hippity hoppity … the 23rd Annual GCA Easter Egg Hunt is on its way. Rain or shine, bring the little ones to Greenbriar Commons Park on Saturday, April 8, promptly at 1 p.m. ready to fill their baskets.

All sounds like a great time, right?

Get closer to the action by attending monthly GCA meetings, getting involved in the 50th anniversary event planning, volunteering for a committee, becoming a block captain, attending community parties and events, and sitting on the GCA board.

Did you know you could serve as a district representative for any of our districts, not just the one you live in? One of our current reps who did just that will be wrapping up his term in June. He did a great job, had fun and made it look easy. And now, that could be you! All you need do to qualify is live somewhere in Greenbriar and be a member of the GCA … and make sure we have your name and contact information well before the GCA Annual Membership Meeting and elections on June 6.

During the Annual Membership Meeting, we will also present the Greenbriar Citizen-of-the-Year and GCA Scholarship (see Flyer page 14) awards. Be sure to complete and return your forms by the relevant deadlines for consideration.

Some great stuff is coming in from the Greenbriar Pioneer forms, even some pictures of a very different landscape in the late 60s. As a new kid on the block (I have lived here only seven years), it is completely amazing to see. Keep them coming!

As always, check www.greenbriarfairfax.nextdoor.com often for community events and information.

Rebecca Gotwalt

President, Greenbriar Civic Association



Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer!