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GCA News: April 2014

Spring is on the cusp, or so they say, as I prepare this column. I hope everyone within the community was able to cope with the unexpected storms we’ve experienced over the last month. As I’ve found out over the years, Greenbriar residents are eager to help each other, particularly our senior citizens, in such situations when needed. To those who still express a need for “dedicated” snow removal for the Greenbriar co
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GCA News: March 2014

I hope everyone in the Greenbriar community is coping with what has turned out to be an unusually long, cold winter. Fortunately, we have not yet had to suffer the monster blizzards and “snowmageddons” of recent years. As of this issue, Greenbriar has experienced snowfalls that are manageable and not overly destructive. Every winter, questions arise about who is responsible for clearing our roads after a snowfall. Th
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GCA News: February 2014

What a long, strange trip 2013 was! It was a year of immense personal growth for both me and for the Greenbriar community. As the economy continues to rebound, homeowners are seeing a real and significant increase in the value of their properties. And I am seeing the results of true commitment within the Greenbriar volunteer community: a truly legitimate and ever-growing Web site, an increased focus on GCA membership
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GCA News: December 2013

Greetings and happy holidays to all Greenbriar residents and to my fellow volunteers in GCA! Personally, it’s been a challenging yet very rewarding time for me. I’ve met so many new people whose enthusiasm and commitment have reaffirmed my faith in the Greenbriar community. I’m sure what we’ve accomplished will propel us into another great year. I will continue to reflect resident feedback, both good and bad, in my c
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